Sets are a couple of markers grouped together

Use them for planning your next vacation with your drone and save some sweet spots in advance. Send the route to your smartphone and you're good to go!

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My example trip

How sets work

1 Select a marker on the map

Browse the map, search for cool spots to fly your drone and look for this button:

This select option is available, when you click on a marker in the map and it appears in the infowindow at the bottom.

Go to map
2 Modify your set here

Scoll down to your sets, rearrange the order or delete markers. You can't rename your sets, but delete them.
Additional information is shown with symbols:

4 1 58.4

Rearranging is optional because you can change the route later in Google maps.

My sets
3 Send route to maps

When you're happy with your selected markers and created a set with locations where you can fly your drone, use the button to export this route to maps.
Once opened there, send the drone-route to your mobile device and drive to the spots.
Unfortunately, due to a restriction by Google, it's not possible to only send the markers. You have to take the route.

Send route to Maps

Your sets

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